Monday, July 26, 2010

A Free Chair

My friend Janice brought me a chair that was "abandoned" in the hallway of her new offices. At least no one came hunting it down for the five minutes it sat there. Just kidding, she let it sit there for DAYS!

I loved it from the minute I saw it! I immediately thought I would paint it white and the back part that has scratched up leather I would replace with some neutral linen I had, maybe even add a little padding, and use brass upholstery tacks around the edge! Then I was gong to make a cute ruffled chair cushion with the same linen. It would definitely look fantastic in my sewing room! You can imagine it right?? It would look great! It did have a little flaw though....

the seat had a crack in it. No problem though. I would add a metal brace underneath to keep it from splitting anymore!

Here is where Hubby enters the picture! He unloads the chair from my car and say's it would be sacrilegious to paint the chair, this is an antique and should be restored to it's former glory, and I cannot put a brace underneath it, it needs to be totally reglued, blah blah blah...... So here it sits in my dining room, while we are at a standoff!

I created another of my stands this weekend, but this one didn't come out as I wanted. It was a metal candlestick glued to a cheese dome. For some reason it orange kept coming through the paint on the candlestick part.

I had started with spray paint, and then I used kilz (still there) and then I used bush on paint. Nothing will get rid of this orange color! I'm not quite sure what I could try next!!!

Random question? Why are pinwheel steaks not available in the spring, winter or fall? I really have to go out of my way to find these in the summer.

I marinate them in worstershire sauce and grill them! Ummmm a family favorite! I sure would enjoy them at other times of the year. I can never buy enough to stock in the freezer either. They only have a couple of packages at a time!

Be back soon!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Long Time No Blogging - I'v Been Busy!

I have been super busy the past few weeks! First was Son #1's wedding reception in Chattanooga. They had this super life size cutout of them from their wedding day! Here is my Mom standing with it. She looked so pretty!!!

and here is my Auntie Delaine and Uncle Roy from Michigan! It was so good to see them!
I was blessed to have a lot of my family, from all over, come to the reception! You just never get enough time to visit with everyone!!

Then it was a quick makeover of a thrifted skirt for my sister Gail for her 50's party! I also made her a super quick crinoline. It wasn't pretty, but it did the trick!

Then I made a 50's pennant banner for a picture backdrop and thrifted the 45 records from the Goodwill outlet! Looks pretty good to me!

Not to mention the Forth of July party the same weekend! Check out my daughter's recount of it on her blog! It was an exhausting and exciting time! Too much fun!!!

I also found another pretty mirror for the sewing room, while thrifting the forty five records, that I painted my favorite color - white! In this picture the painting is in process! It's amazing what 10 minute time blocks can accomplish!

I managed to get to a 50% off sale at a fabric store in town. I, of course bought Halloween fabric! I love the vintage look to these fabrics!

I also have been making some raggedy roses pins for some aprons I am making. They turned out really cute!

But beware of that glue gun!!!!

Son #2 made us a fantastic dinner on Sunday night with the catch of his fishing trip in in Charleston South Carolina, and some purchased shrimp. Barbecued shrimp with baguette bread to dip in the sauce, blackened red fish, new potatoes, and steamed veggies! It was an awesome meal!

See I told you I have been busy! I also started a part time job at night Monday thru Friday with weekends off.

And to my sister Tami, your pillows are on the schedule for this weekend!

Be back soon!