Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crocheting..............Dusting of the Needles

Renee over at GoosieGirl's posted a crochet project that looked super simple and super cute! A super simple shrug! I haven't crocheted in a long time, and I do not know many stitches, but this project had the two stitches I knew.

So I tested my long retired skills with left over witch hair.

Then I tested again with some turquoise yarn that was hanging around the house.

I was then ready to begin MY shrug. This is the start of it that I began on Super Bowl Sunday.

A week later.........

And today......

Funny how you can see all your mistakes in the photo's but not when I am sitting there crocheting. I am just enjoying the process.....mistakes and all!

I just hope I finish before Spring get here!

Be back soon!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Makes You Wonder...........

Last week I sold a beautiful Ralph Lauren sweater on ebay.

It was too bad this 99 cent sweater was a small! So it went on ebay. This is where I had to send the sweater after it was purchased.

Uh mm REALLY? The only women I see working at a place like this, look like this..........(we have a tattoo parlor on the first floor of our office building, that is how I am privy to this info)

I am dying to know the story here. I keep wondering .........

Did a man that works there buy it for his girlfriend, the whole Opposites Attract theory?

Did a woman buy it for something to wear to the PTA meetings, or dinner with Mom and Dad, who don't know about her tattoos, or possibly for a court date?

Was it a gag gift for a fellow worker?

Doesn't it make YOU wonder????? What do you think??

Be back soon! (as soon as a person who works at an accounting firm at this time of year can be!)