Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Think It's Time! Trying to get back in the Groove!

I am trying to get back in the groove of posting, but it is hard when I haven't done anything crafty or done any sewing. I have been working on my shrug, slowly but surely, very slowly! (see previous post)

Tax season is over so I should be doing some of those things soon! I guess I will have to do another recap of things that have happened since my last posting........

February 2, 2011 was a special day for us!

Hubby and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary,

and Jessie got her braces off! Yeah!

and just to let you know how weird I am, I became obsessed with this house.

I passed this house occasionally on my way to my second job. Yep, I had to go by to see when they actually took down the Christmas wreath and lights. At first I thought it was great that they didn't have them ripped down by the first of January, but then January turned into February and the lights shown like a beacon guiding my way to work! (This picture was taken in the middle of February.)

I told you I was behind! I will also tell you it is really hard to get a picture of a house while driving down the road! Kids don't try this! It is dangerous! Do as I say, not as I have done. I learned my lesson! Pull over and look like the stalker you are!

Anyhow, I quit my second job at the end of March and they were still glowing, even with daylight savings time. I finally went past the house last week and guess what, they were down. I was beginning to think this was Gretchen Wilson's home (Redneck Woman)!:)

Be back soon!