Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Check one off the TO-DO list

Last weekend I manged to finish the second "baby" oblong pillow. It had been sitting there waiting for me to receive my new cording foot. It worked like a dream! I sleep with one of these "baby" pillows every night. A couple of weeks ago I made the first one. The old one was so ratty after sleeping with it for about three years. I found a white matelasse pillow sham at the thrift store a while ago and purchased it with this in mind. This sham looked brand new right out of a package. After a run through the washer and dryer on hot, (I like to make sure everything has been sterilized and shrunk before I sew it) I cut both the pillows out. The first one was done quickly because I needed it to sleep on. The other one sat there for a while waiting to try out my new cording foot.

I love having the matched pair on my bed. Boy my bed looks really wrinkled in this picture. I really don't think it looks that bad in real life! At least I hope not!
Well, back to my chair reupholstering!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Costume and Cushion

Finished with little one's Minnie Mouse costume. Her design and she looks so cute in it!! I wanted to make it with a fuller skirt, but she was the designer, I am just the worker bee. It was actually done 2 days before the party! I am usually working on Halloween costumes at the last minute! Don't know how that happened.

I am still working on the reupholstering of the chair. I did get the cushion cover made though. Hopefully I will be able to finish the rest of it this week.

Okay time to go work on the laundry.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Toys and Great Finds

My new toys - a new zipper foot so I can get closer to the actual zipper, and a cording foot that lets me get closer to the cording! I can't believe I have waited so long to get these! I love them! I am reupholstering a chair for my son's girlfriend (I have taken way to much time doing this!!) and being able to get so close to the cording is great!

I did a little thrifting this weekend and found these beautiful crystal candlesticks - .50 each. Last week I was looking through an old Paul Deen Christmas cooking and decorating magazine. She had a beautiful tablescape with a white framed mirror in the center of the table and alot of crystal candlesticks (of all sizes and shapes) with various white candles on them. It was so PRETTY! This is what I am collecting the crystal candlesticks for. My Christmas tabletop!

I also found some old glass lamps. Hubby thinks they are from the 30's based on the cords they had on them. I paid $4.00 each. I bought 3, but I only took a picture of 2. They were pretty grimy when I bought them. They look great now! Hubby rewired them with new cords. Now I need to buy some white shades for them, that I will add white roses to the bottom edge. Hopefully they will look good. I don't know where I will put them though!

Well, gotta get busy here! We are off to find fabric for a Halloween costume for little one - Minnie Mouse. I don't have much time to get this costume done, as the party is Saturday.
Have a Great Day!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Good Finds

We went to vote on Friday. We always do the early voting! On the way to voting I saw two yard sales going on. I usually don't ask my husband to stop at these because: 1) He keeps driving like he doesn't hear me until we are too far to turn back. 2)I know he hates these and I am considerate of this 3) He will tell me I don't need anything I see (which is probably true!) but puts a damper on me purchasing items. But we ended up stopping on our way back from voting and lunch out. The beer at lunch may have been why he stopped. Anyhow, I found two of the most adorable shabby looking coat racks/hooks to hang in my sewing area to hang ribbon, or finished totes/handbags on.

Guess how much they were?? .75 each. Total price $1.50. I was thrilled. They were new in the package and fit in with my new "Girly" look for the sewing room. I also bought some large candles that had already been used for emergency purposes for 2/.25. I bought 8. Hubby thought the candles were a good thing since our electricity often goes off.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Testing Again

Hello, still trying to get the pictures where they belong. This is a picture of a large tote I made for my Mom's Birthday.

I am going to try to insert another picture to see what it does.

Okay, I think I am getting the hang of this. Let's see if I remember this the next time.

Test to add Photos

I am not sure how to add photos to the blog, so this is my test. I am going to show you a purse I made my Mom for her birthday. Cross your fingers this works!

Got the picture, but not where I wanted it! I will try again on another post.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tired of Lurking

I decided to create my own blog instead of just being able to lurk. I want to be able to leave comments on other peoples blogs too. I thought I would also be able to post some of the things I make, so people in my life can see what I have been up to. I am also hoping it will inspire me to do more. Sooo here I go!