Friday, July 31, 2009

Another Tunic

I bet you thought I took some fabulous vacation, I have been away so long! No such luck!

I have been busy sewing on some projects. I finished another tunic. I really like this fabric.

It is from the same pattern, just like the other tunic I made. I also did some refashioning of a shirt, and a t-shirt that I am not totally satisfied with. I am still trying to salvage them. It seems I am in a black and white rut. Everything I have been making is that color. I guess it is the saying black makes you look slimmer!

In other news, this little dog has been keeping me busy.

His name is Patrick. To make a long story short, he was a lost dog in our neighborhood. He was wandering around for four days. We finally caught him and called the owner. Her Dad answered the phone, said she was out of town, he would come pick him up that night. He would call to get directions after he ran an errand. The daughter is around 40 and I am not sure is totally capable of taking care of a dog. They never came to pick him up! I don't think he wants him! I refuse to call again!

I also have discovered the series Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva! I am hooked on both. Sunday nights are great!

Be back soon!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Did You Know.......

You can't put Crocs in the dryer? They shrink and become stiff in odd positions and can never be worn again!

Don't ask how I know, just take this advice to heart!

I wonder if they have this warning on the tag nobody ever reads!

Be back Soon!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

WIP, This and That

I have been so busy this week! Ask me what I have been doing? Recuperating from our vacation! I have been exhausted this week!

I did want to show you my dollar tree find that I love!

These microfiber chamois cloths are fantastic! I have a problem with most microfiber cloths......they give me the willies! The feel of them is awful. My hands seem to stick to them and I have a hard time getting them off my hand. It is like I have really rough hands and I don't!

Anyhow run to your dollar tree and pick up a couple of these. I use them for dusting........perfect! I use them to dry pots and pans............Perfect! I use them to dry plastic bowls .....................Perfect! They are wonderful, for drying!

I want to show you something my sister Lisa bought for me. She bought them a year, maybe two years ago and left them at her Mother-in-Laws. She brought them to the Fourth of July. These are doilies made from fishing line! They are really soft and flexible, surprisingly!

I love them! Lisa bought me four, but I gave one to Mom. She bought them somewhere in Missouri. I couldn't believe they were made from fishing line.

I am making another tunic, with the fabric I bought at my last Joann's trip.

I am making a few adjustments.

My daughter said I could have at least smiled in the pictures I took of the tunic. I was too focused on how the heck to take a picture of myself in a mirror to smile! I will try to do better next time!

Be back soon!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dress is now a Tunic

The dress I was working on before we left for Fourth of July is now a tunic. I like it much better than a dress. I used the gingham bias tape on the bottom and tied it with ribbon. I love that it has pockets in the side.

Please excuse the bad photos. Taking pictures of yourself in a mirror is hard. I wish you could see the fabric better. I really like it. I may even make another tunic like this. They are good with leggins.

Be back soon!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why is it.................

you come back from vacation, needing a vacation? We had a blast at my sister and brother-in-laws in Alabama. Too much fun!

Friday night was Pirate night. It was a success! I think everyone enjoyed it. We did have some rebels that didn't get into the dressing like a pirate like the rest of us. But the were quickly adorned with some of the supplies I made. We even had a treasure hunt!

My daughter Jessie (on the left) and my granddaughter Katie (on the right). Aren't they the cutest pirates?

My Mom and all my sister's and me. (My brother wasn't able to come.)

A group photo of all the Pirates.

Fourth of July we had a busy schedule

Sack races. One for the kids and one for the adults.

Egg toss.

Balloon sling.


Great entertainment right before the fantastic fireworks! It lasted so long my neck hurt looking up!

I also got a prize from the prize box! This is the first year I have ever gotten anything! (my Mom was in charge of the prize box and she decided I deserved one for trying) Thanks Mom!

Well, that was just the first two days of my vacation, do you see why I am tired?

My sister and her husband do such a great job every year! Can't wait for next year!

Be back soon! (after I rest a little)