Thursday, July 16, 2009

WIP, This and That

I have been so busy this week! Ask me what I have been doing? Recuperating from our vacation! I have been exhausted this week!

I did want to show you my dollar tree find that I love!

These microfiber chamois cloths are fantastic! I have a problem with most microfiber cloths......they give me the willies! The feel of them is awful. My hands seem to stick to them and I have a hard time getting them off my hand. It is like I have really rough hands and I don't!

Anyhow run to your dollar tree and pick up a couple of these. I use them for dusting........perfect! I use them to dry pots and pans............Perfect! I use them to dry plastic bowls .....................Perfect! They are wonderful, for drying!

I want to show you something my sister Lisa bought for me. She bought them a year, maybe two years ago and left them at her Mother-in-Laws. She brought them to the Fourth of July. These are doilies made from fishing line! They are really soft and flexible, surprisingly!

I love them! Lisa bought me four, but I gave one to Mom. She bought them somewhere in Missouri. I couldn't believe they were made from fishing line.

I am making another tunic, with the fabric I bought at my last Joann's trip.

I am making a few adjustments.

My daughter said I could have at least smiled in the pictures I took of the tunic. I was too focused on how the heck to take a picture of myself in a mirror to smile! I will try to do better next time!

Be back soon!

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ANIBSHO said...

Don't you have other people in the house that can take a picture of you, for you?

I love the new pattern, very classic cute looking. As for the fishing line dollies, I don't believe it- they look so good! Who would even think to make dollies from fishing line??