Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thrift Finds and WIP

I found some things while thrifting last week. Nothing great, but non the less they were purchased. A 2001 0r 2002 (from what I can tell) Hancock Fabrics Simplicity Pattern counter book. I love to look through the book and see patterns I really should have purchased, or remember that I have in my stash! Neat reference material too since I make a lot of my own patterns.

I also found a few vintage patterns. Love the cape in the above pattern and think I will try to do this late this summer! If I can remember! The Christmas pattern I don't know if I will ever use, but I do like looking at it.

I found Jessie some McDonald's Madame Alexander happy meal dolls. She collects them, so I grab them when ever I see them. I can't keep track of which one she has and which one she doesn't. Kids toys are usually really cheap, I just grab it. I will have to check her spreadsheet on them. Better yet she can check her spreadsheet! I eventually need to make a shadowbox for her to display them in.

This is the sewing project I am working on now:

My WIP, I am making the short sleeve top in the upper right corner. I should have been done with this already! I find myself working on this when I am way too tired. Things have been hectic around here! I haven't messed anything up yet, but I am only doing a little bit at a time. I usually make errors when I am tired, so I don't push too hard.

I can't believe I missed "24" last night for a volleyball game! I did not receive any reminder calls or texts from my family (which I usually receive). If I had received the calls, I could have had hubby tape it for me. I didn't even remember until this morning.

Be back soon!

Makes My Day!

I am so proud of my clematis! It makes my day to see this! Puts a smile on my face! Isn't it pretty?

(Ignore the weeds in this picture. Concentrate on the beauty of the clematis)

I tried unsuccessfully to grow one of these many years ago with no success. I had about given up! I kept changing the location and finally found the perfect place. This plant is about five years old.

In sewing news, I have several projects in process. Nothing to show yet. Volleyball and other school activities have been taking up a lot of my non working hours.

I did mange to plant two tomato plants in containers this weekend. This is a first for me. I hope they do okay! I love home grown tomatoes!

Be back soon!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mini Wardrobe Refashion

I was about to throw this pair of slacks in the Goodwill bag. They are so comfortable, but they shrunk in length when I washed them. I still wore them, but I would have to iron, tug, starch, iron some more and then they were at an acceptable length. Through the day, they seemed to lose the stretching and began to creep up to a short length again.

I decided to make them into capris. This took about fifteen minutes. I have a brown pair I need to do this with too. Perfect for Spring weather! Now I just need to start putting the tanning lotion on every day! That is the only way I will ever get a tan!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Skittles Rejects

Do you see this jar? It is filled Skittles rejects! Certain colors/flavors of Skittles are discriminated against in this household!

I always leave the rejects in the bottom and fill the top with a fresh bag! Then sooner or later I have to dispose of the rejects because the new extra large bag won't fit in the apothecary jar. I haven't figured out what or how to get rid of the rejects, other than put them in the round file!

There we go! A full jar! Much better!

Skittles are a staple in our house and we will eat the rejects if we get desperate! But I try not to let that ever happen!! I think they should sell these by color! That is the perfect answer to my problem! Do you think it will ever happen?

Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm Back! Small Project

Tax season seems to take more out of me each year. The older I get the more exhausted I feel when it is over. I think I need more vitamin C!

I managed to get the totes finished. I made four totes in all. Two of each of these totes:

They actually look better in person. I sewed the circles on the tote and added petals off a silk daisy plant and a button in the center. The tote is made of brown duckcloth, with rick rack at the top. Joann's didn't have much of the pink cotton webbing. Only enough for two. I bought some white thinking I would dye it, but got impatient and just used it the way it was.

There is a problem with these four totes! My husband pointed out I have never been into a grocery store and come out with only four bags. So True! I purchased some more duckcloth to make more. I think I will make these a little larger. These will hold quite a bit though and I don't like over stuffed bags, so I wait and see how I feel in a little bit. A Kroger employee seemed to think they were cute when I stopped by there for a few items.

Son #2 (Brandon) and his girlfriend visited this past weekend. Julie and I made a little gift to give her student teacher "teacher". She will be graduating in May with her Masters in Education and will teach next fall.

Again I wish I could have taken a better picture. The colors are off. I think it turned out great - I hope the teacher likes it. While we were at it, I made one similar to hers. I think I will take this to the office. I have no idea what the white spots are on the letter F.

Time for me to go to bed! Be back soon!