Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Makes My Day!

I am so proud of my clematis! It makes my day to see this! Puts a smile on my face! Isn't it pretty?

(Ignore the weeds in this picture. Concentrate on the beauty of the clematis)

I tried unsuccessfully to grow one of these many years ago with no success. I had about given up! I kept changing the location and finally found the perfect place. This plant is about five years old.

In sewing news, I have several projects in process. Nothing to show yet. Volleyball and other school activities have been taking up a lot of my non working hours.

I did mange to plant two tomato plants in containers this weekend. This is a first for me. I hope they do okay! I love home grown tomatoes!

Be back soon!

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KT said...

Your clematis is beautiful. I have wanted to grow one, but am afraid. I heard they like shade at the bottom and sun on top. (?) Thanks for visiting my blog.