Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Skittles Rejects

Do you see this jar? It is filled Skittles rejects! Certain colors/flavors of Skittles are discriminated against in this household!

I always leave the rejects in the bottom and fill the top with a fresh bag! Then sooner or later I have to dispose of the rejects because the new extra large bag won't fit in the apothecary jar. I haven't figured out what or how to get rid of the rejects, other than put them in the round file!

There we go! A full jar! Much better!

Skittles are a staple in our house and we will eat the rejects if we get desperate! But I try not to let that ever happen!! I think they should sell these by color! That is the perfect answer to my problem! Do you think it will ever happen?

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