Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thrift Finds and WIP

I found some things while thrifting last week. Nothing great, but non the less they were purchased. A 2001 0r 2002 (from what I can tell) Hancock Fabrics Simplicity Pattern counter book. I love to look through the book and see patterns I really should have purchased, or remember that I have in my stash! Neat reference material too since I make a lot of my own patterns.

I also found a few vintage patterns. Love the cape in the above pattern and think I will try to do this late this summer! If I can remember! The Christmas pattern I don't know if I will ever use, but I do like looking at it.

I found Jessie some McDonald's Madame Alexander happy meal dolls. She collects them, so I grab them when ever I see them. I can't keep track of which one she has and which one she doesn't. Kids toys are usually really cheap, I just grab it. I will have to check her spreadsheet on them. Better yet she can check her spreadsheet! I eventually need to make a shadowbox for her to display them in.

This is the sewing project I am working on now:

My WIP, I am making the short sleeve top in the upper right corner. I should have been done with this already! I find myself working on this when I am way too tired. Things have been hectic around here! I haven't messed anything up yet, but I am only doing a little bit at a time. I usually make errors when I am tired, so I don't push too hard.

I can't believe I missed "24" last night for a volleyball game! I did not receive any reminder calls or texts from my family (which I usually receive). If I had received the calls, I could have had hubby tape it for me. I didn't even remember until this morning.

Be back soon!

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