Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Headbands

Working six days a week doesn't allow a lot of crafting or sewing time! So, I picked up this box of headbands I had already cut out and sewn. I only had to turn them, topstitch and decorate them.

I did a few with some silk flowers, thinking I see a lot of kids and teens wearing flowers in their hair. I thought Jessie might like them. No deal! She said some people might like them, but she would never wear one! Okay..............what the heck am I going to do with them now?

I think they are really cute, but I think I am too old to wear them. I don't know, maybe I will wear one to pick up Jessie from school just to see what she has to say then!!LOL!

Here is one I made for myself. (I just want you all to know it is really, really hard to get a picture of yourself wearing a headband)

Not much going on here due to tax season, but I do need to get busy making some duck feet for Jessie's play.

Be back soon!

Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm Cranky and My Daughter the Model

Okay, I know I am being totally boring! Tax season doesn't leave time for my creative energy and I get cranky, when I can't be creative. I guess you can tell what kind of mood I am in!

I did do some sewing last night. Jessie had a dance tonight. Last year Jessie, my sister Lisa, her daughter Lauren and I had been prom dress shopping (for Lauren). They were up from Atlanta to watch one of Jessie's volley ball games. We found some short dressy dresses marked down to 9.99 (regularly 75.00). So we bought two, thinking Jessie would be able to wear them this year. She wore one of them tonight. It was just a tad bit too large in the bust due to the fact Jessie is getting taller and slimming down. So I added some elastic to the inside of the back of the dress to pull in the fullness a bit. This can easily be taken out to return it to the original size. No pictures yet, she went to a friends after school and is spending the night with her after the dance.

In other news, my older daughter, Amber, has launched her modeling career. She is being featured in a National magazine! See all about it here!

We always encouraged her to be a hat model! (That book looks so good on her head!) She did such a great job at modeling this!

I can't believe I finally was able to rip that picture off of her blog! It was too much work! (I should have made her do it! One little text message does wonders!)

Be back soon! (Hopefully with something creative or thrifty!)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An Accidental Day Off

Jessie had an orthodontist appointment at 8:30 a.m. I was going to take her to school and go to work right after the appointment.

8:10 "Come on Jessie, we're going to be late"

"Where are my keys???? " I look frantically for them, dumping out my purse (gotta clean that thing out - way too much in there! :)) No keys are found! My mind keeps thinking..........I know, I unlocked all the deadbolts when we got home yesterday, where did I set them??? Oh yeah, I remember, I used the spare key, didn't use my key's.

UHH OHH! I remember where my keys are! They are hanging in the lock on my work!

We aren't going anywhere! No orthodontist, no school, no work, no where!

I drove to work with Hubby yesterday since there was still ice in the subdivision and on the road leading to the Interstate. Hubby had too many appointments today to leave work and bring my keys to me.

So what did I do with my Accidental time off

Cleaned my lower kitchen cabinets and mopped floors. Fun day for me!

And since a post isn't a post without a picture, here is a picture of my clean kitchen cabinets! No before will be shown........ever!

Be back soon!

Working on...............

some birthday banner/pennants. I have had the flags done since before Christmas, maybe even before Halloween. I just need to attach it to the bias tape and add ribbon to the end for hanging.

I received a package in the mail.

My sister Tami wants me to make her some pillows. I am waiting on the zippers she ordered to get here, then I can get busy.

Be back soon!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Strawberry Cookies for Mardi Gras

Wednesday night was spent baking strawberry cake mix cookies for Mardi Gras. One of the 8th graders fund raisers for their trip to Washington DC. I lucked out and since my last began with F, I had to bring in a home baked item, packaged individually!

Well as luck would have it, Wednesday was a busy, busy late work day and I got a late start on these babies!

Oh look, there are some more over there..........

And even more!

I only made two matches of these cookies, but it seemed like I would never be through with them! Now for the packaging..............

I put two cookies in a little cup, so they wouldn't get crushed and put a clear goodie bag over it and tied it with a ribbon.

I think Hubby and I went to bed at about 12:30 a.m. He helped with all the packaging and ribbons. No telling when I would have gotten to bed if he hadn't helped!!

They were delicious and seemed to go well at the "Cake Wheel" game at Mardis Gras.

Be back soon!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A New Nightgown....Wardrobe Refashion

I have been really busy! Between tax season and all of Jessie's activities, I haven't had much time to do anything crafty, sewing related, or blogging.

I managed to take a fall down three wooden steps to our family room (due to water on my shoes from the snow) and my tailbone hurts like heck! That has slowed me down! I also feel like I am getting swollen glands. So life isn't a bed of roses for me right now!

I did manage to meek out a new nightgown for me. All this snow and cold weather made me think I needed another sweatshirt nightgown. I have one other of these that I made that was getting too much use with the cold weather. It had to be laundered at some time and then I was left COLD. So I took a grey sweatshirt cut and trimmed, and added some bridal satin to the bottom. Cut the neckline down, added some rosettes left over from my white sweater wardrobe refashion and her it is.................

I made the length tea length (do they still use that term??) It is so comfy!

Jessie laughed hysterically at my creation. Such an opinionated girl! She thought my use of satin with a sweatshirt was tooo weird! Not to be seen by the public! (like I go grocery shopping in my nightgown?)

I would have loved to have done something with the sleeves of this wardrobe fashion..

and I had some good idea's, but I usually sleep with my arms out of the covers and this provided more warmth! I love the satin on my legs and the fleece on the upper part. Did I say this is so comfy??? I am wearing it now!

Super Bowl Sunday gave me a chance to try a new recipe, Buffalo Chicken Dip....

Fantastic dip, but next time I will not use canned chicken!

Made my own recipe up for Spinach Artichoke Dip and it was great!

I will never buy frozen spinach dip again! This probably cost as much as one little TGIF frozen dish to make and I had six times as much! It was delicious!

Then we had the "We always have this on Super Bowl Sunday" classic - Shrimp

In other news, I found this adorable Patent Leather Planner at Dollar General for $3.00

Isn't it adorable! I love anything patent leather! I don't need a planner, so I will probably use it as a notebook, To Do List, whatever.

I gotta go bake some strawberry cookies for Mardi Gras!

Be back soon!

Monday, February 1, 2010

A New Header, A New Background and A New Store

Did you notice the new background and header on my blog? That is what you get when you have a beautiful, talented daughter! (Who was totally bored this weekend, because her husband is in law school and spent the whole weekend studying)

I love it! She did such a great job!

Thank You Amber!

She even opened my Etsy store this weekend (listed on the right). Then she created a header for her sisters' blog! She was a busy little bee this weekend! And we all appreciate how much she did! (That large tuition bill for law school they paid, gave her family some advantages!)

When have you ever heard of a lawyer paying you in any way? Don't answer that hubby and Jacob!

Now if I just had something to list in that store besides potato bags leftover from my mini craft fairs! (These are really great! I used one tonight for dinner!)

Be back soon!