Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm Cranky and My Daughter the Model

Okay, I know I am being totally boring! Tax season doesn't leave time for my creative energy and I get cranky, when I can't be creative. I guess you can tell what kind of mood I am in!

I did do some sewing last night. Jessie had a dance tonight. Last year Jessie, my sister Lisa, her daughter Lauren and I had been prom dress shopping (for Lauren). They were up from Atlanta to watch one of Jessie's volley ball games. We found some short dressy dresses marked down to 9.99 (regularly 75.00). So we bought two, thinking Jessie would be able to wear them this year. She wore one of them tonight. It was just a tad bit too large in the bust due to the fact Jessie is getting taller and slimming down. So I added some elastic to the inside of the back of the dress to pull in the fullness a bit. This can easily be taken out to return it to the original size. No pictures yet, she went to a friends after school and is spending the night with her after the dance.

In other news, my older daughter, Amber, has launched her modeling career. She is being featured in a National magazine! See all about it here!

We always encouraged her to be a hat model! (That book looks so good on her head!) She did such a great job at modeling this!

I can't believe I finally was able to rip that picture off of her blog! It was too much work! (I should have made her do it! One little text message does wonders!)

Be back soon! (Hopefully with something creative or thrifty!)