Monday, February 1, 2010

A New Header, A New Background and A New Store

Did you notice the new background and header on my blog? That is what you get when you have a beautiful, talented daughter! (Who was totally bored this weekend, because her husband is in law school and spent the whole weekend studying)

I love it! She did such a great job!

Thank You Amber!

She even opened my Etsy store this weekend (listed on the right). Then she created a header for her sisters' blog! She was a busy little bee this weekend! And we all appreciate how much she did! (That large tuition bill for law school they paid, gave her family some advantages!)

When have you ever heard of a lawyer paying you in any way? Don't answer that hubby and Jacob!

Now if I just had something to list in that store besides potato bags leftover from my mini craft fairs! (These are really great! I used one tonight for dinner!)

Be back soon!


Brenda said...

Amber did a great job. very cute. Hope you do well on your etsy shop. I'll do a little advertising for you.

ANIBSHO said...

I will do a little advertising for you too! But you have to post more stuff! Pronto! No tax season excuses, lol.

Renee said...

I did notice the your new look. It's very refreshing..makes me think of Spring.. which I'm so ready for! & congrats on taking the plunge into Etsy. I think you'll do great! Can't wait to check it out.

Anonymous said...
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