Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Headbands

Working six days a week doesn't allow a lot of crafting or sewing time! So, I picked up this box of headbands I had already cut out and sewn. I only had to turn them, topstitch and decorate them.

I did a few with some silk flowers, thinking I see a lot of kids and teens wearing flowers in their hair. I thought Jessie might like them. No deal! She said some people might like them, but she would never wear one! Okay..............what the heck am I going to do with them now?

I think they are really cute, but I think I am too old to wear them. I don't know, maybe I will wear one to pick up Jessie from school just to see what she has to say then!!LOL!

Here is one I made for myself. (I just want you all to know it is really, really hard to get a picture of yourself wearing a headband)

Not much going on here due to tax season, but I do need to get busy making some duck feet for Jessie's play.

Be back soon!


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with kids today? My kid won't wear flowers either. I think your headbands are adorable! I'm with you..if this age thing wasn't on me I'd totally wear one. Maybe she'd wear them if you pull the flowers off?

Brenda said...

Put them on etsy.

ANIBSHO said...

I love the headband you made for yourself... I've been looking for one very similiar to that, just a skinnier. Wink. Wink.

Love it! Love you!