Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A New Nightgown....Wardrobe Refashion

I have been really busy! Between tax season and all of Jessie's activities, I haven't had much time to do anything crafty, sewing related, or blogging.

I managed to take a fall down three wooden steps to our family room (due to water on my shoes from the snow) and my tailbone hurts like heck! That has slowed me down! I also feel like I am getting swollen glands. So life isn't a bed of roses for me right now!

I did manage to meek out a new nightgown for me. All this snow and cold weather made me think I needed another sweatshirt nightgown. I have one other of these that I made that was getting too much use with the cold weather. It had to be laundered at some time and then I was left COLD. So I took a grey sweatshirt cut and trimmed, and added some bridal satin to the bottom. Cut the neckline down, added some rosettes left over from my white sweater wardrobe refashion and her it is.................

I made the length tea length (do they still use that term??) It is so comfy!

Jessie laughed hysterically at my creation. Such an opinionated girl! She thought my use of satin with a sweatshirt was tooo weird! Not to be seen by the public! (like I go grocery shopping in my nightgown?)

I would have loved to have done something with the sleeves of this wardrobe fashion..

and I had some good idea's, but I usually sleep with my arms out of the covers and this provided more warmth! I love the satin on my legs and the fleece on the upper part. Did I say this is so comfy??? I am wearing it now!

Super Bowl Sunday gave me a chance to try a new recipe, Buffalo Chicken Dip....

Fantastic dip, but next time I will not use canned chicken!

Made my own recipe up for Spinach Artichoke Dip and it was great!

I will never buy frozen spinach dip again! This probably cost as much as one little TGIF frozen dish to make and I had six times as much! It was delicious!

Then we had the "We always have this on Super Bowl Sunday" classic - Shrimp

In other news, I found this adorable Patent Leather Planner at Dollar General for $3.00

Isn't it adorable! I love anything patent leather! I don't need a planner, so I will probably use it as a notebook, To Do List, whatever.

I gotta go bake some strawberry cookies for Mardi Gras!

Be back soon!


ANIBSHO said...

I LOVE YOUR NEW PLANNER!! I am so jealous! And your night gown looks so comfy, which is what it's all about- right?

Renee said...

What? You don't go shopping in your PJs? :) I love it that your daughter has her opinions regarding your creations.. it keeps us in the same boat! Myself, I love your jammies. The idea of warm and cool together make perfect since to me. & the little rosettes a very sweet. You could totally wear this to Wal-Mart.. I've seen much, much worse.. We're in TN aren't we? :)