Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Toys and Great Finds

My new toys - a new zipper foot so I can get closer to the actual zipper, and a cording foot that lets me get closer to the cording! I can't believe I have waited so long to get these! I love them! I am reupholstering a chair for my son's girlfriend (I have taken way to much time doing this!!) and being able to get so close to the cording is great!

I did a little thrifting this weekend and found these beautiful crystal candlesticks - .50 each. Last week I was looking through an old Paul Deen Christmas cooking and decorating magazine. She had a beautiful tablescape with a white framed mirror in the center of the table and alot of crystal candlesticks (of all sizes and shapes) with various white candles on them. It was so PRETTY! This is what I am collecting the crystal candlesticks for. My Christmas tabletop!

I also found some old glass lamps. Hubby thinks they are from the 30's based on the cords they had on them. I paid $4.00 each. I bought 3, but I only took a picture of 2. They were pretty grimy when I bought them. They look great now! Hubby rewired them with new cords. Now I need to buy some white shades for them, that I will add white roses to the bottom edge. Hopefully they will look good. I don't know where I will put them though!

Well, gotta get busy here! We are off to find fabric for a Halloween costume for little one - Minnie Mouse. I don't have much time to get this costume done, as the party is Saturday.
Have a Great Day!

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