Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Completed Project

I finally finished a project that I started in December. I had the two smaller frames done before Christmas, and I just finished the large one today. I have these hanging in the hallway leading to the boy's TV room. (The boys no longer live here, haven't in years, but it is still know as the boys TV room)

I had everything around the house except for the letter F. I purchased that from Michaels. The small frames have scrapbooking paper in the frames and the larger one has fabric. I left the glass in the frames and mounted some small plaques that have sayings on them. (on clearance from the scrapbooking dept at Michaels last fall) I painted the plaques with black paint and distressed them, but I need to distress a little more. It is hard to make out the words on the plaques. One of them says BLESSED and the other says HAPPINESS.

I am not sure about the placement of them. I was trusting the judgement of a 13 year old, while my arms ached placing them in different positions. I am going to live with it this way for a little bit and see what I think.

And here is a picture of Jessie making fun of me for 1) taking pictures of them and 2) for staring at them to see if I liked them on the wall that way.
I am off to distress the little plaques before I forget about it and then I am hopefully going up to the sewing room.

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ANIB-SHO said...

Very cute, but.... over to the left a little, ha ha. Now can you help me find some cheap fabric and cheap canvases to work some magic around my house?