Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hooded Bath Towels

One of our granddaughter's birthday party was this past weekend.

Some hooded bath towels were requested as a gift for Josie's 2nd birthday. I had seen some in a kids boutique for a pricey sum and decided to recreate them. I think they turned out super cute!

The two hardest parts of this job was

1. finding the START button on my embroidery machine! It had been about a year since I last used my embroidery machine and I had no problem remembering how to program what I wanted, how to position the fabric, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember (or see) where the start button was! So I spent about an hour looking for my manual, which was futile! I finally saw the big START button located on the opposite side of the programming screen! I felt so foolish!!

2. Trying to figure out how to fold these once I had finished them! Notice the two towels are folded two different ways. I went with option 1 (a little neater though) and tied ribbon around it.

Here is Josie

Notice her dress has frogs on it. Her mom bought this dress off Etsy and it is really cute! Josie loves Frogs!

Josie and another granddaughter Carley playing with balloons!

Josie wanted a frog cake for her birthday. So my stepdaughter Rebecca made the cutest cake!

Not only was this cake adorable, but it was delicious as well! Rebecca and Elizabeth have a business called The Bakery Next Door. You need to check out all the fantastic cakes they have done! Just look at the lily pad cupcakes surrounding the Frog!

Be back soon!


Anonymous said...

Cute! I totally cracked up at "Bubble Trouble".. So perfect! & I'm jealous that you have an embroidery machine, you know? (even though you can't see the ON button :) ) It's a dream of mine to own one.

I do love the froggy dress. You could totally make those. Maybe you should add some to your Etsy shop. Did she pay a bundle for it? I'm always curious about how people decide on a price for their Etsy shops.

I love that cake too. If I had more time I'd love to take a class on cake decorating. Fondant is amazing.

Brenda said...

Why do kids love frogs so much. My granddaughter Layla loves them. Looks like a great time. Adorable little girl.