Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Amazing How Drugs Can Help You.......

I finally caved and got some medicine for my sinus infection.

These extra strong antibiotics at least let me enjoy Jessie's Graduation on Saturday from middle school and let me feel human again!

I took a four day holiday weekend and tried to rest and do as little as possible. Son #2's girlfriend Julie did a lot of work for me this past weekend. She de-cluttered and cleaned my dining room!!! And if that wasn't enough, She cleaned and organized my spice rack, my bake center and my open pantry! I feel so much better just looking at the clean organized work she did! Thank you Julie! I love you!! She is coming back in July to help me organize and clean my sewing room! I am soooo lucky!

While I was feeling bad and laying around, I started this book...........really good!

While cleaning the open pantry, Julie found this book, it was published in 1987.

It had several recipes flagged to try. So today after dinner, I decided to try the Monterey Jack Crisps. You just take Monterey Jack cheese, like this, slice and

cut into squares, sprinkle with chili powder or cheyenne pepper (I used chili powder)
and bake at 400 degrees for about 6 minutes. (You almost think they look like they are burning) Drain on paper towels.

They are nice and crispy! I think these would be great with a salad. Jessie said the first taste was okay, but by the third bite she liked them even better! My taste buds still are not back to normal, but I think they are pretty good, but greasy.

Hopefully I will be back to my normal self by Thursday!

Be back soon!

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Renee said...

Good girl! I'm glad you caved and went to the doctor. There's no need to suffer when antibiotics can cure! The only positive I can see is that Julie felt sorry for you and de-cluttered for you. Son #2 better hang on to her!
I'm trying to read a book by JD Robb.. not really that into it.. maybe I'll look for your book and try that. I really need to branch-out with my authors.
I have that Christmas book too! Funny, I didn't even notice that recipe. It sounds interesting.. I wonder if mozzarella and ranch seasoning would be any good?? Just a thought.