Tuesday, January 11, 2011

She's Back and I'm Back

I have been gone for a while due to the fact, my computer died. My computer usually sits on my messy kitchen table. When my computer died, we confiscated Jessie's laptop for the kitchen table, but it just never felt right to me. I would use it sometimes, but just for things like checking ebay or my email.

But thanks to our Genius son-in-law Chris and $20.00 I have my computer back! So now I feel like posting again!

Isn't she pretty! And Yep the table is still a mess!

Important stuff has been going on around here while I have been gone! Son #2 got engaged to Julie the day after Thanksgiving! Yeah!!!

Here will be the blended family!

Aren't they cute!!! Can't wait for the wedding, October 8, 2011!

Be back soon! (I'll probably be recapping things that happened around here)


Peggy-Just A Plain Gal said...

I'm glad the only reason you were gone was because of your computer. Glad you got it fixed, and congratulations on the new DiL to be! What a lovely couple they make! I haven't posted, either, because I was in a mad frenzy with Christmas gift-making and then managed to get sick again right after Christmas...this time with what I call "The Crud", aka flu. Just haven't gotten myself motivated to post anything!

Anonymous said...

They are cuuuuttteee! & the pups make for perfect grandbabies! lol. I'm glad you're back. I've missed you and your awesome craftiness. Can't wait to see what you've been up to all this time (Oct 22 was your last post, can you believe it?)