Thursday, June 2, 2011

Behind Again................Naturally!

This time of year is always busy, busy, busy! I am trying to catch up at work with everything put off from tax season, actually clean my house a little, put off during tax season (that's not working right now) but I thought I would show you what has been going on.

I wanted to show you my birthday gift

an apple green enameled cast iron pot made by Lodge! I can't tell you how much I love this pot! Jessie thinks I decide what we are having for dinner by what I can cook in this pot! LOL!

My birthday was in March, and Hubby had bought me a pot, but it didn't have the enamel on the inside. So I returned it and after tax season, he set about finding a replacement. He did Great!

For Mother's day hubby bought me a new camera, for my ebay business. This camera intimidates me!

I have a lot to learn about this camera, but it sure does help me get better pictures! (none of the pictures used in this post was shot with my new camera)

The kids chipped in and bought me a great gift also!

(notice the cute wrapping paper!)

Dooney and Bourke Aqua patten leather purse. Just perfect for the person that carries everything BUT the kitchen sink!

This is the makings of my new project that I will hopefully be able to post pictures of this weekend! Any guesses????

Be back soon!

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Anonymous said...

My my, you got lucky! You have some awesome gift-givers in your family. Yes, I love the green pot! Yes, I love the aqua purse! and Yes, your camera is the bomb!!! You'll have to keep me updated on your learning progress.

& and craft, a cupcake stand. ??