Friday, September 25, 2009

My Daughter Amber Was Right! Finished Halloween Basket!

She left me a comment saying something like this about my Halloween Auction Basket:

"There is no way in Halloween ALL that stuff is going to fit in one basket!"

She is so smart! She was right! I thought the only thing I would have to wrap separately would be my spice rack. No such luck! I ended up with three packages to wrap.

I came back from Mom and Sisters extended weekend on Tuesday and got busy in every spare moment! I really didn't think there was that much left to do.
It took me much longer to get everything done than I thought it would! You know the saying, "If it can go wrong, it will!" That's how it went! But it is done and I am satisfied except for the wrapping. It was late last night and I was too tired to fool with my bows or the wrapping.

Here is a picture of the napkin rings I did to go with the napkins and table runner.

A picture of a few other jars I did besides the ones in the spice rack.

Yes that is a rock on my counter! It is one of three I took from my sister's lake house in Cheboygon, Michigan. Love those Michigan rocks!

This is the first package, two crates and a cauldron.

Some of the pictures are pretty bad. The bag over them made it hard to photograph and I was sooooo tired!

Here is the completed spice rack.
No pictures with the crow and the lights on it.

Jessie did the shrink wrapping on them and she decided to add some extra bugs to the front of it. I liked that idea!

Here are my pictures of the basket. I wish they were better!

You can't really see what the heck is in there but it looked neat!

The wrapping was another story. I couldn't find a bag big enough to fit it. This was the jumbo size bag and I tried setting it inside the bag and it ripped. Then I decided to just put it over the top of the basket and put a ribbon on the bottom part. I also taped the bottom.

I also included two of the Halloween banner/pennants I made in addition to the other things I posted about.

I am glad it is done and delivered. I just hope someone bids on it! I am always so shy about my work. I always have this dreaded feeling that my basket will be the only one without a bid on it!

Keep your fingers crossed!

Be back soon!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure you will get a lot of bids - it looks fantastic to me!! Tami