Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busy, Busy...........

You see this orange pennant? It was driving me crazy! I couldn't find it when I was putting together the other "Vintage Feel" pennants. I always have nine, where is it??? What could I have done with it? After 30 minutes, I gave up and substituted something else. I had to rearrange my whole pattern, but I got it done!

Well, apparently Patrick, the new dog in the house, scooped it up when it fell on the floor and took it to the scrap basket under my sewing table. That's where he lays when I am in my sewing room. He has a dog bone buried in there and he was digging for it tonight and guess what he pulled out?

At least I know I am sane! I knew I had nine of that pattern!
Things like that make you think your going crazy though.

I went to Joann's this afternoon. I had two coupons that I had to use soon! I have been on a buying freeze, trying to use what I have, but I needed two items. I needed fabric for the Goldilocks costume and black and white houndstooth for my older daughters "Young Detective" costume from the new Martha Stewart Halloween magazine. She desperately needs it! And her dog needs one too! Just like the picture.

See, I got exactly what I needed.

Then I decided to wander to the remnant racks. Just to look. I found the cutest fabric:

Isn't it adorable? No idea what I will do with it. I'm sure something will come to mind soon!

I spent the evening creating a new car stash. Jessie has a busy week. She is cheering Wednesday and Thursday afternoon and another game on Saturday. Lots of idle hand time.

Do you see my fancy turners on top? They work great! I actually cut more, I just ran out of time to serge the edges.

That colorful thing in the background is Miss Jessie's and her friend's balloon car for a science project. It is powered by a double balloon. I am impressed! I would be more impressed if she cleaned up the counter but that's another matter.

Be back soon!

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