Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Quick Halloween Project

I bought this package of black glittery "Boo"letters from Halloween about a month ago at Joann's.

They were in the $1.00 bins right at the front checkouts. It came with a black ribbon to hang it up with.

I have seen this project all over blogland, for every season, so I copied! I had a frame already. I am sure it was from some project I never got to. I had some scrap paper left over from another project. That's all I needed, besides a glue stick and glue dots.

The black border around the edge was actually divided into 3 sections, I just cut off the dividers.
I wish the photographer could have captured the glittery "Boo" letters, and not gotten a picture with glare on the glass. I think it's time to look for a new photographer!

That's the start of my Halloween decorating. Hopefully, I will get a lot done this weekend!

I sat it on the mantle and the photographer, again, took a bad picture!

So simple, so cute and so easy!

Be back soon!

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goosiegirls said...

So absolutely positively adorable! I love it! I can't get over all the yummy things you're making. Makes me want to trick-or-treat at your house!