Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I am in Ribbon Hell.....................

.........and I can't get out! The cheerleading coach asked me if I would cut some ribbon for the Cheerleading competition for bows. She gave me the ribbon in two sizes. That's when I opened my big mouth!

"Do you want the bows attached to a hair band already?"

"That would be great!" she said.

I don't know why I said that! I am so not a bow maker! Drives me crazy trying to get the loops even etc, etc. Even trying to decide how to do them was stressful!

Yes that is my glass of wine helping me deal with the stress of it all! I tried to con hubby into helping.

"Real men help make hairbows!" I said.

His response: "No they don't!" and proceeded to walk out of the room before he was talked into anything.

I managed to make 15 last night of the smaller ribbon.

All the cheerleaders are having their hair french braided after school today.

Jessie came up after I completed these and said "You only have 15. You should at least make 16."

"I have one for each cheerleader, and I will make 15 large ribbons, so then they can decide what size they want to use" I defended myself.

"Yes, but some cheerleaders are going to do two french braids, so you need an even number."

Uhhh! Ohhh! Don't ask me why it never occourred to me that they would have two french braids! So now I have been working on them at work instead of payroll returns.

I am making bows until I am out of ribbon, or time! Hopefully they will do well in the competition tonight!

Be back soon!


Brenda said...

You did a great job. I'm not good at bows.

Renee said...

Holy cow. You're right, bows derived from the devil himself. I can't believe you've made so many. Why in the world did their sponsor wait till the last minute to ask you? Obviously she's not a bow maker. They look great though. How'd they do in their competition?