Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Surprise Visit and I need Nyquil!

We had a surprise visit on Saturday evening from our daughter Amber. She lives in Virginia and she showed up on our front porch Saturday evening. Her husband and her were unexpectedly in town for a funeral.

She decided to surprise her little sister Jessie and celebrate her birthday.
(Jessie's birthday was on Monday)

She put candles in a slice of cheesecake and sang to her! She came bearing gifts too! After the gifts were opened the two of them went shopping for Jessie's "Neon Dance" coming up soon.

Soo cute! I can't believe how quick they put together this outfit! I would still be wandering around the mall! I am definately not a mall person.

Then they played with glitter eye makeup! Ugh! I will be finding this in my kitchen for Years!

Thanks Amber, for making a little girl's 14th birthday even more special! She loved it and I loved seeing my girl's together, giggling, laughing and having a great time!

I gave Amber some Halloween goodies for her office. A pennant to hang in her office cubicle and one for home.

A "BOO" sign. I had made two of them.

She loved the fact that it could be used year round. HUH? I forgot that Amber and her husband call each other "Boo".

A Halloween decorated candy jar and hand sanitizer.

We'll see if it actually makes it to her office!

I have a bad cold and I am out of Nyquil and Dayquil. I am totally unprepared for the winter season!

Be back soon!


ANIBSHO said...

You forgot to mention all the stuff I stole from your house too...lol.

Renee said...

How nice that your daughter was home.. & to see that game!! (noticed it in the last photo.) Go VOLS!!! It's about time!
I hate that you're feeling sickly. Add some green tea in with that Vodka remedy.. maybe that'll help. Hope you feel better soon.