Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Friends

Still not feeling well. These two are some of my constant friends right now.

They aren't my only friends though. I have more. See........

A 1972 copy of Southern Living Party Cookbook. I have only tried one recipe from this book, but it was great! I love to try new recipes and have been meaning to bookmark more for testing. Unfortunately, every time I pick it up I get sleepy.......

And to my little sister Vicki - the Vodka immunization/regimen didn't work!

I know you are going to give me all the reasons why it didn't. I wasn't on it long enough, I forgot a day or two, but I don't want to be sick!

While on Sister's weekend, Vicki said she had had great success with this Vodka regimen. She used to get colds all the time, until she heard about this and tried it. Now she is healthy as can be! No colds, no sniffles, etc, etc. - all that wonderful stuff that she lied about! I know I was only on this for 5 days, but that alcohol should have done something!

You are supposed to have a splash - not a shot glass full, just a tiny bit, mixed with water in a shot glass three times a day, for three weeks. Then you do this once every night after that. Vicki is a non-drinker and she swears by this. Since I came down with this COLD, I haven't been taking my "Medicine".

Time for a nap!

Be back soon!

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ANIBSHO said...

Atleast you aren't using Aunt Lisa's remedy- "Suck it up soldier!" :) Hope you feel better.