Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Even Though I've Been Sick......

.......I have still been doing things. I am doing better now, just a nasty cough left over. The weather keeps changing, which always makes me sick.

This is my kitchen table. This picture was taken last weekend. I was working on several projects at once. I completed my vintage Halloween inspired pennants. That black Rit Dye in the picture is for a project from the Martha Stewart Halloween magazine for my daughter Amber. More on that in a later post.

I love these pennants! I made four for me!

I really need to take pictures during the day. The pictures come out so much better! I will use two in the dining room, one for the fireplace mantle and one for the staircase. Hopefully I will be able to decorate for Halloween this weekend!

I did do some thrifting in this week, while Jessie was at cheerleading practice. I went to look for some books by Iris Johanson. I read a book by her on my "Mom and Sister's" weekend, while in the airport. I am hooked. She writes mystery novels with a little romance thrown in. I found three of her books at the Goodwill.

This is the one I am reading now. Addictive!

I also found this book..................

Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook. This is a very large book that retails for $45.00. It is in like new condition and only $2.99! What a deal! Even the cashier at the Goodwill was jealous! I had thumbed through this book at the bookstore before and knew I wanted it.

I also found a bunch of Pottery Barn Kids pink gingham sheets. I use these in a lot of sewing projects, so this was a great find. They looked like they were brand new, just out of the package.

That's a lot of yardage!

Be back soon!

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Renee said...

What? You haven't decorated yet? You've already done 99% more than I will do at all! :)
So you like Iris Johanson? I'll have to look for something by her. I love suspense & romance too. Nora Roberts is my all time favorite. I'm reading her now.
I can't believe you can find such great goodies at your goodwill. Those sheets are so cute. Do you have specific plans for them?