Friday, December 11, 2009

I Am Dog Gone Crazy!

This week has been busy! I haven't gotten much done except preparing the Dogs for the winter weather. The weather here has turned really cold! I decided to cover my porch furniture with fleece, so the dogs would be a little warmer when they are waiting for me to let them back in. Sometimes I will let them out and go up to my sewing room and forget about them............OOPS! Poor little guys!

Then we have a neighborhood dog that has been spending almost all his time here! He has been sleeping on one of the glider's on the back porch (another reason I covered them in fleece). "Rascal" is a larger dog, and I don't let him in the house. It was turning bitterly cold this week, so I drug a dog house out of a dog pen we have, cleaned it up, and put it on the back porch. There was a pad already in it, but I put some big towels and a blanket in it too. Then I covered the doghouse with a thick quilt for extra insulation. He has slept in it the past two nights.

I know........I am Dog Gone Crazy for doing this for a dog that doesn't even belong to me! But he is always here, he's such good dog and I knew it was going down to about 18 degrees every night this week!

I am in the middle of another wardrobe refashion.

I started by making these fabric roses. I made the roses on the right (with the straight edge) this week and then I decided to make some more with my scalloped edge sewing scissors. I don't know if I will use one or the other or both. That will depend on what I think looks nice. This was a nice sit and watch t.v.project. I hope to finish the wardrobe refashion this weekend.

Be back soon!


Renee said...

I don't think you're crazy at all. It's nice that you're looking out for the poor guy. Too many people get pets and then neglect them. I'm sure he loves you for all your hard work.
Your roses are pretty.. it's hard to say which I like best.. but I can't wait to see which one you go with. I'm assuming it's a Christmas present ???

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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