Sunday, December 6, 2009

That Aqua Thing..................

Remember that thing I was painting on with aqua paint? Well this is the finished product.....

It's a vegetable and dip stand. Vegetables go on the plate with the dip in the tea cup. This will be perfect for a buffet table of appetizers!

I used a vintage plate and cup/saucer that I purchased at the thrift store and combined it with a small concrete planter that I painted and a crystal candlestick.

I repainted the base so many times, trying to get the "right aqua color" that matched the plate. I just could not match the color accurately!
I gave up! Sometimes you just have to admit defeat and go on. But I still love it!

I used the glue "Quick Grip" to attach them. I really wanted to show you a nice picture with veggies on the bottom and my "famous-to-me-only" Red Pepper Ranch Dip in the tea cup, but I kept eating the veggies! (I eat raw veggies with lunch almost every day)

I found the little spoon at a small shop in Georgia, where my sister lives.

I did another "Holiday Extravaganza" today at the church, and didn't do as well as the first time, but it was nice to get out and meet/see a lot of people.

Be back soon!

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Renee said...

So that's what the blue thing is.. I've been waiting to see what you came up with. My mom has those plates and when I spotted the 1st picture I thought that must be a piece from the collection. I'd never guess you made it. You did a great job! It's very, very pretty.