Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What I have been doing

Well, I haven't had much time to sew or thrift, but I did do a little of both in the past week. I found 4 of these little glass pedestal dishes at one store. These are so cute and dainty looking, I couldn't resist. Especially at .49 cents a piece!

I found another 4 at another thrift store. Wow a set of 8! Now what are they?

They are only 3" across. Tiny little things. Hubby and I think they are probably sorbet dishes. To cleanse your pallet between courses. Well, that is our educated guess. If anybody knows different let me know! Don't really care, I love them whatever they are!

I have been sewing some headbands. I have been using scrap fabric for this "Winging It" project. I love headbands, but most of them give me severe headaches! They are way too tight for my head! Velcro is the answer to this problem!

Reversible headbands. I made about four of these, before deciding this was the perfect width and length for ME. Now I just have to make some more in other colors. These are fantastic for people that have sensitive heads! Plus they use up my scrap fabrics!

I would show you a picture of me wearing them, but I have had about 4 different colors of hair in the past two weeks and I am still not happy! I will try again tomorrow (at the risk of losing all my hair) and see if I am able to show something that I am actually happy with!

Be back soon!


Brenda said...

very cute. i need some of these

ANIBSHO said...

I am working on getting you a fan-tabulous wig. You always wear your hair up that is hard for me to imagine what kind of cut looks best for your face... Either way, those headbands are going to look awesome with whatever wig I get you. Woot! Woot!

Renee said...

Very cute. I love that you made them reversible. Excellent idea. Can't wait to see them on you.