Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sping Flowers????

I actually can't believe I am posting this! My eyes are so tired of the computer by the time I get home at night the last thing I want to do is look at a computer screen! Not much craftiness or sewing going on here, but spurred on by Renee at Goosie Girl's
I made some biodegradable pots. Not only did her post remind me to start my seeds, I actually got it done. It was a close call though, I made eight of the origami pots and then went to get my potting soil. Not much there folks!

But I did remember the next morning to stop at Home Depot the next morning and get some more. (I really hate when I can't complete a project in one night!)

These are what I planted, Jessie wanted the sunflowers.

Renee suggested I use clothes pins to hold them open while I filled them with potting soil.

I only got two done with the potting soil I had. But my stop a home depot made me fill the others.

I actually started this post about a week ago, so I now have sprouts!!!!! I am really excited!
I love flowers!

Gotta go water my seedling's now! I love my seedling tray! It was a purchase at Kroger at 90% off after the holidays!

Be back soon!

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Renee said...

Cool! Your pots look so much neater than mine.. I suppose cutting the top lip is better than just ripping them :). I have seedlings too! Maybe your post will help ME remember to take pictures of them.
I hope your work load slows soon.. the 15th is so close. Hang in there and hope that the worst is already over.
Hope you had a great Easter too!