Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Little Bit Done and Thrifting

I have been doing a little bit here and a little bit there, but not much. I have been wanting to make some new bar stool covers. So I took a half hour and tested out my pattern.

Not bad, but I think it needs more pleats! I will add more pleats!

I just used some scrap fabric I had to test with. I also cut a circle the same size as the stool out of a memory foam mattress pad. It is definitely comfy and much better than the store bought lumpy ones that were on there! I just need to decide what kind of fabric I want to use.

My seeds are sprouting and doing really well!

My red flowers!

My daisies!

I did cheat and use a couple of peat pots I had in the basement. What can I say..........I was tired and wanted to finish the job of getting them planted.

I did a little thrifting last week and found this great mirror for my sewing room! I just needed to shabby it up some!

There this is so much better!

I just need to get it hung up to add to my collection on the sewing room walls!

Be back soon!


ANIBSHO said...

You and your mirrors! I like the stool skirts- a skirt for a stool, who would of thought to make a skirt for a stool top? My mother would of course!

Anonymous said...

Your stool covers are going to be perfect. I already love your trial run. I wish I could sew like you! And I'm insanely jealous of your sprouts.. mine look like runts compared to yours. Mirror is nice too & I love all your pretties that your mirror is reflecting. Your home is beautiful!