Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back from Virginia

(This post was interrupted by the Skunk episode! I thought I would post it now.)

We are back from visiting our daughter Amber and her husband in Arlington Virginia. We had a great visit! We didn't do much sight seeing. We were there to visit.

I brought my camera and guess how many pictures I took? TWO! Two pictures the whole time I was there! I really meant to take more. Some people are natural photographers, I have to make concentrated effort. I usually have my sister Gail get an extra set of pictures of any family event. (I usually have my camera, I just forget)

This is one of the pictures I took when we went to our daughter's work. She works at the NRA as an Event Service Coordinator. The have a museum in the building on the history of firearms.

Jessie and my husband

The other picture I took was when I forced Jessie to go into the laundry closet to talk on the phone late at night. She preferred the bathroom, but I had problems with that since it is a one bath apartment. I am not going to show that one. It's not pretty! It makes me laugh though!

I did get to go to two stores I have been wanting to go to. Ikea and The Container Store! I loved both of them. I didn't buy much, just a few little items, but I enjoyed going to these two stores.

I found a little white plate for my collection at HomeGoods while I was there. HomeGoods was right next to the grocery store, so I was forced to run in and see what they had.

A square little lace plate! Love it! Marked down to $1.00. I need to get stated on my white plate display. I think I have more than enough.

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