Thursday, June 11, 2009

Skunk Odor Removal

See that product in the picture above? It saved me from one big headache!!!!

I stopped to pick up Jessie today at her friend Bridget's, where she had spent the night. I happen to be good friends with Bridget's Mom - Martha. She saved me today BIG TIME! I was telling her how Max had a run in with a skunk last night. I had bathed him in vinegar (the only thing I had on hand that I thought might remove the smell.) Well, Martha gave me this product above to use.

I came in the house this evening and Ooh - instant headache from the skunk smell!!! I knew this smell could last for months from my research on the internet. I followed the directions on the back, and no more skunk smell!

I am busy laundering everything I think this dog has touched with his smelly body though!
I am putting a capful of this shampoo in with my regular laundry detergent and so far it seems to be working! I also am going to mix with a little water and spray on my rugs. I have to test that first though. I don't want spotted rugs.

Wish me Good Luck with that one!

We had one computer go down and out today. There were storms in our are today. I don't know if that is what caused it. The computer was on a surge protector

Be back later! Hopefully with more interesting stuff!

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