Monday, June 1, 2009

Pirate Night and What I am doing!

I have been busy tonight cutting out pirate headbands/belts/scarf's for my sister Gail's annual 4th of July Riverunion party. This is an extended weekend event that she and her husband have every year. They live on the Tennessee river in Alabama. She is having Pirate night on July 3rd. I have been assigned the job of making these for Pirate night. We have some black and white skull bandana's also. I will also be making some in red.

I am also busy preparing to visit my daughter in Virginia. We will be traveling there later this week.

Tomorrow Jessie is getting her braces on. No work for me!!! Hope she isn't in too much pain!


Brenda said...

Layla would love that fabric. Hope you have a great trip to Virginia.

JulieAnn said...

I'm glad you're making some pirate attire, because I don't have any!