Monday, June 22, 2009

Thrift Store Finds

Last week when I was out shopping for Pirate costumes at Goodwill, I found these two baskets. They still had their tags attached. I think they may have been from Target. I thought they may be good for reorganizing Jessie's closet. I cut the tags off and set them on the stairs to take up next time I went up to feed the turtles. (Jessie is visiting with family in Michigan until the big 4th of July party.)

Aren't they cute?

Well, when I was cleaning up in the house this weekend, every time I found something of Jessie's, I would throw it in the basket.

I had no idea the girl had so many earrings! I am sure she didn't either since they were everywhere except her dressing table!

So now I have decided these baskets need to stay on the stairs for filling with Jessie's WAYWARD items! I just need to make some different liners to go with the living room.
(That is not happening anytime soon!)

Yep, I like this idea! (Oh and I did edit that picture so you wouldn't see the dust bunny sitting on the stairs. Never noticed it till I was putting the picture on the blog)

Be back soon!


Brenda said...

Very cute baskets. very lucky.

ANIB-SHO said...


I love the bow liners- so you need to make sure whatever liners you make for them, you need to have just a cute a bow to go with them.

When I started reading this blog post, I read how you put them on the stairs to take up later and I was like, "Yep, Moms going to realize how easily that hides all of Jay's stuff that she is supposed to take upstairs and then those baskets will never leave that staircase." I am so psychic- just like my psychic red bowl game that told me I am psychic.

PS: For the woman who used to look over my papers and correct all my grammar and spelling- you are making some classic mistakes lately. The teacher becomes the teachee- how does it feel my little one?

LOVE YOU! and junk...