Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Starbucks Doesn't Have Whipped Cream????

We went to Target after church on Sunday. While checking out I saw they had a Starbucks in the front of the store. "Great" I thought to myself. "Maybe they will have a travel cup to replace the broken one from Mother's Day. After all, I have a very nice lid that needs a bottom!"

I was thrilled to find the travel cup! They only had two, so I felt fortunate.

On a whim I decided to order something that my daughter's have bought before and I thought was delicious! A Caramel
Frappuccino. (I was only given a small taste in the beginning and what ever they couldn't finish. Can you tell I made them spend their own money on it?) I am way too cheap to spend that much money on a coffee drink - I save all that money to spend on fabric!

Anyhow, I am on a strict caffeine regimen and I was late with my noon coffee, so I ordered one with my travel mug. (to avoid a caffeine headache) I paid and the girl set about making my Caramel Frappuccino. She gets the drink assembled and puts it on the blender. She pulls down a cup and then tells me that they are out of whipped cream, would I still like caramel drizzled on top?

WHAT?? Out of whipped cream? That makes the whole drink for me! Remember, I am used to drinking the last of my daughters' drinks where all the whipped cream has sunk to the bottom. (Truly delicious!)

"Ummm, I really don't think I want it anymore. I wish you had told me that when I ordered"

"I forgot"

"Can I get a refund?"

After much fiddling with the register and nasty looks, I put my $5.00 back into my wallet. She slammed the drink into the sink as loud as she could as I left.

Sorry Starbucks! I really wanted that drink, but I need the whipped cream! I would think that would be a staple item in the Starbucks kitchen! I am surprised they didn't have someone run to Kroger when they were running low!

It's probably a good thing, I could get addicted to those things! Instead I went home and made a pot of coffee.

Now I have to go fabric shopping!

Be Back Soon!


ANIBSHO said...

bahahahahahahaha! So many comments:

1. This should be titled, "We Went To Church On Sunday?!?!" because that threw me for a surprise more than anything.

2. Target sells whipped creams, seriously, they couldn't go get some?

3. I love that you said you would like your money back and that the girl got angry. Seriously, does nobody care about Customer Service anymore? Suck it up and smile! She should have offered you something else for free...

4. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU BOUGHT ANOTHER CUP!?! I told you I was going to do that, now I have to think of something else to buy you for Mother's day.

Renee said...

How could you forget to tell someone that half of what's in their drink will be omitted? I thought Starbucks ruled on training??? I think you're right, she did you a favor.. Now go fabric shopping lady!

Brenda said...

I'm with Renee on that comment. I love my coffee also. But I like mine black.

Anonymous said...

I think that you should not have asked for a refund- you should have taken the drink. After all you did say that you enjoyed the caffeine and whipped cream doesn't contain that.
It takes time to make a drink- and effort.
And if you really wanted some caffeine (not sugar) you could have had a tall blak coffee, saved yourself $5 and calories

Anonymous said...

I work at starbucks. A frappucino is the second most longest and most tedious drink to make. the first is a smoothie. its irritating having to remake them or make one to just get thrown away(waste of product) and the whole refund process on top of that takes a while. yes I think that store should of gotten more heavy whipping cream when they were low. my store has had to do that a couple of times and went to the grocery store across the shopping center or ask another starbucks nearby if we can borrow some of theres. the barista could of reacted differently and in not such a petty way. I always make sure I have a smile on my face even when the lines out the door and someone is being difficult with their order, I think the worst customer experience I've had is a lady wanted a lemon in her iced tea and we dont carry lemons I offered a splash of lemonade and she just didnt want the drive. she was in drive through so when she went to pull out there were 5 cars in front of her so she wanted a good amount of time for nothing. its also really interesting reading reviews about starbucks online. some people seem to think we're this green apron clan. the funniest thing I think is when people just refuse to say the drink sizes (tall, grande, vent) people need to stop taking things so seriously and have fun and say venti or tall or whatever size you're getting.