Saturday, November 8, 2008

Easy Christmas Crafting in Process

I had "J" help make some teachers Christmas gifts today. Tile coasters! This idea has been all over the internet, and it is easy and quick. I started with 4" tiles from Lowes that sell for 32 cents a piece. I bought a fleur de lis rubber stamp and the special "StazOn" ink pad in black. I used 40% off coupons for both of these, so they were very economical. "J" stamped each tile, 20 in all, and then after they were dry sprayed them with a clear flat sealer. It has been said you don't need to do that, but I had it, so I thought it wouldn't hurt. We then added a cork bottom, or you could use the cork pads on each corner, or even felt. I had the cork so that is what we used, but I did find the cork pads at "Deals". 36 for $1.00. I attached the cork with quick grip glue. I tried the glue gun and that didn't work at all. See what they look like:

Aren't they CUTE! We then tied them up with ribbon I had on hand. Look how pretty they look:

Kids love to be able to tell their teachers that they made it! This would be nice to give as a hostess gift during the holiday's too, or just to have on hand for an extra gift. I think I will go get some more tiles!

Well, only after I had them all done, did it occur to me that maybe I should test them. They did great! I could just see the ink running all over the place. YEAH they did Great!

I probably spent about $2.00 per set of four. Not a bad deal and they are nice too. I think I will go get some more tiles and I think I need to get a rooster rubber stamp to do a set for me!!!

I can't believe I am getting Christmas things done this early! Yeah for me! I guess I am getting older an wiser!


ANIB-SHO said...

Mom! These are really cute... my only question is, what are they? ha ha

You never mentioned it in your blog, but my guess is Coasters. And since you are already at it, can you make me some too? I am thinking some candy apple green ones... LOVE!

JulieAnn said...

oooooh!! Those are super cute!! I'll have to make some of those...that might be easier than the cinnimon rolls I was going to make for Christmas gifts.

Chris Niblock said...

Mom, you could probably make a couple sets of those and sell them on ebay... Just a thought... Love, Chris