Saturday, November 15, 2008

What I have been up to

Since Jessie has basketball practice on Tuesday and Thursday nights, I started to read a book that I found at Books a Million. I had gone in there to get Jessie a book she wanted. This book was on the $3.00 table. It is a used library book. I am a big John Grisham fan! I hadn't purchased any of his books in a while, so I grabbed it. I started reading the book at practice on Thursday. I started to think I had read this before. I looked in the bookshelf at home and sure enough, I had the book already!! I can't remember how the book ends so I am reading it again! The book came out in 2003 and I am sure that is when I bought it. It is still captivates me the second time around!

I have been working on some flatware cozies also. Just when I am watching t.v. I am in the trim and turn part of these.

I also found this little magnetic sign at Michael's marked down for .49. It was perfect for one of my bulletin boards in my sewing room. Of course, nothing is easy for me. I have to make a project out of everything. It was a cream color and of course I wanted white. I gave it a coat of white paint and now I need to distress it a little. Then I will add thumb tacks to the back.

Then I will know exactly what projects I have to do!!

Stay tuned for my 2nd installment of "Because I had pink thread in my sewing machine......."

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ANIB-SHO said...

You would take something that is already good and insist on making it better, that is probably where I get it from. I'm not a start from scratch kind of person, I like to take something else and turn it around (oooh like Mitt Romney too!).

I am on the edge of my seat about what is in store for the pink thread!! Love and junk