Saturday, November 1, 2008

Still Working

I stopped working on the chair to add a pocket to the gym bag I made for "J". I ran out of fabric and had to wait until I could get back to the little , out of the way, fabric shop. She wanted a pocket on the outside to put her deodorant in. I think it turned out cute. I had to add the fabric covered button even though it closes with velcro. I think it turned out cute!

I am still working on making this chair BEAUTIFUL!! Here is the before picture minus the cushion. My seam ripper and I are really bonding this weekend! That's what happens when you change things up on the design of the chair. I didn't want pleats in the upper portion of the wings. I am determined to finish the chair this weekend - I have some other things on my to do list.

Like fix my new son in laws pants! Another seam ripper job! I need to get about ten more of my favorite seam rippers! Didn't I ask for those for Christmas last year??

I do have a problem with the chair, well not actually me, there are some animals around here that will not like it when this chair goes to its new home.

They spend the whole day there. Don't worry Faith I keep it covered up and soon I will be handing it off to you. I will be glad to get it out of my dining room.

Gotta take "J" to basketball. Be back soon!

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ANIB-SHO said...

I love the background for the backpack, much better improvement from the plain white backgrounds.... LOVE YOU!!