Monday, November 10, 2008

Pink Fleece Hats

I have always had a problem wearing hats. They give me headaches. But with the winter weather starting, I really needed one. I thought maybe the problem was all the hats were to tight on me and that caused my headaches. Sounds reasonable right? So I decided to make one. I downloaded a free pattern from the Simplicity website for a free bucket hat pattern. This pattern came in sizes. I measured my head and decided I needed a large. This pattern was not for fleece, so I adjusted it for the way I wanted it to look.

I finished the first hat and........... I looked like "The Cat in the Hat" from the Dr. Suess book. I cut down the height and then, it was better. I added some lace and a fleece rose to the side. Tried it on for my husband and "J". Hubby thought I looked like Granny Gretchen. "J" just smiled, like don't you dare wear that in front of my friends. I really didn't think it looked that bad! It was still a little tall, but it actually felt comfortable on my head and I thought it would not cause headaches! Besides I am a Grandma!
This is what it looked like:

Now isn't that cute sitting there on its hat stand? After some testing of the hat, I decided I wanted a slit in the back, because my coat collar kept knocking it up. I also decided to make the back brim a little narrower, and I didn't like the top stitching I did on the brim. So I made another. Here is hat #2:

Soo much better! It worked perfect! That little slit in the back and the narrower brim in the back worked great with my coat. So far no headaches!

If only the Former Hat Model in our family (A) was here, I could take pictures of it on a real person! She left her lucrative Hat Model Career in Nashville for Love and some other nonsense and moved to Washington DC.

I would model, but I worry about everyone telling me I do look like "Granny Gretchen". This way I can wear it and think everyone is staring at me because of my beautiful hat!


JulieAnn said...

It's cute! You just need a pink scarf to match! :)

ANIB-SHO said...

This is "A"

Why don't you put the sausage wonton recipe on your website?!

I love the hat! I am going to assume you are going to make me one too, right?

And as for my hat modeling career... I am still going strong...