Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mirrors, Mirrors - Need to get on the Wall!

I got the mirror painted and I love it!! Excuse my messy kitchen counter. I am sure everyone uses their kitchen counters for painting projects, so you just shove everything out of the way.

Since I had the white paint out, there was an oval mirror that I decided need a little more white paint. Here is a picture but I still have to scrape the excess paint off the mirror.

They both need distressing. Hopefully I will get these hung up tonight. I have family coming and they will want to sleep where they are lounging now. (I moved them from the kitchen counter.)

In other Crafty News, I had a storage container sitting around here to put my OxyClean in. I wanted to put some vinyl letters on it, but I kept forgetting to buy them. I finally remembered! I had some little floral decals from some other project that I added too. I am not liking the total look. It's too busy! I think I will take of the little decals below the words.

I'll be back soon!

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