Sunday, February 8, 2009

Auction Items

I thought I would show you what I donated to Jessie's school's silent auction. As usual, I was down to the wire. I had been working on parts of this for a while, but there I was finishing up on Thursday night. I HAD to send it in Friday morning. I filled this basket with items I made with Vintage Reclaimed fabric. I love this fabric! So pretty and feminine!

In the basket I put:

1. A Tissue Holder for the "Puffs To Go" with 5 refills (they are on the bottom of the basket and can't be seen in the picture)
2. A Water Wrap/Hot Drink Wrap
3. Lavender/Vanilla Eye Pillow (Great for headaches! You can use this hot or cold) It has a removable cover so you can wash it.
4. A Ruffled Edge Standard heating pad cover. So much better that those old blue things that you get with a heating pad.

I thought it looked cute! I meant to put a big pink ribbon on the basket, but it was late and I was tired and forgot. Hopefully someone bid on it!

Be Back Soon!

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ANIB-SHO said...

I like this idea for a gift basket a lot! I am totally going to call on you for projects like this in the future (for the grandkids-i know, i know, if I ever pop any out, right) or if I just want some for myself, ha ha.