Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Did you ever...........

Not much craftiness going on here. I wanted to revamp the lampshade in the boy's bathroom lamp, but I can't locate the trim I purchased to trim it out with.

My family was visiting and I took the stuff I had sitting on the dining room table and put it in a location that I would be sure to remember, but would be out of sight. It was a bag of different trims I purchased to make straps for Jessie's strapless dress for the Valentines dance. She rejected the easy version and I ended up making straps. In the meantime I decided one of the trims was perfect for my little lamp. Unfortunately I can't remember where I put it!!! Have you ever put something in a place you would be sure to remember and forgotten where that spot was? I sure hope I am not alone!

My mom brought some of this mix that I can no longer find in Tennessee. I am so happy! I make an Indian dish called Kima out of this. These are the four packages I am sending to my daughter in Virginia. She loves Kima just like I do! It is hot and spicy! I love this mix! This and red chili peppers create great Kima!

I have been asked by my Son#1 if I have given up on my kitchen blog. I haven't given up on it, I just haven't been cooking some our old favorites, this will probably be my next post on my kitchen blog. It has been mainly quick meals with tax season and basketball season.

When my Mom was down here she brought me a little scarf she had knitted for me (by my request). I don't like long scarfs. I wanted a short scarf. She made me one in pink with a big button that I love to death, but look at this one.............

It is so cute with the little ruffle on the bottom! She did a great job on this and I want more.......one in every color of the rainbow..............and winter and summer weight also! Looking at that picture, I know I need a haircut!!

Time to go to bed!

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