Monday, February 2, 2009

Completed Lamp......New Project?

Well here is my completed little lamp. I love it! It has a little nightlight bulb in it, so it's not very bright.

I decided to change the location. The other little lamp was beside my wine/towel holder. I decided It would look better on top of the towel holder. I have some white washcloths rolled up next to it. These are for people who prefer to use their own personal hand towel. This is an idea I copied from my sister in Atlanta!

Now that I have this new lamp and new arrangement, I think I need to paint the frame of my quilt square. This is hung right above this little arrangement that is on the back of the toilet.

Don't you think the frame would look better painted black? Then......... I was thinking about painting the upper portion of the wall (haven't decided what color yet) and then.....................................WAIT! Somehow things have spiraled out of control with just one $2.99 new lamp!!!!

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