Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Too many Vintage Sheets? I can't believe I said that!

I am still around. I have been busy with tax season, basketball and having my family in for an extended weekend! You would think I could have gotten one picture of their visit, but no! I cleaned off the kitchen table in anticipation of their visit and unless my camera is sitting there staring me in the face, I don't think about it! (A good reason for not cleaning!) I usually get my sister Gail to provide me with a copy of pictures taken at family events. I am just not a natural photographer like other people. I don't think of taking pictures until something is over.

While searching my vintage sheet stash for fabrics for Jessie's quilt, I decided that I may have too many vintage sheets and pillow cases! I decided to list some of them on Ebay. This is a hard thing for me to do! In my mind I see the things I want them to become..............a tote bag, clothespin bag, pillows, aprons, wallet, potholders, etc. I just love to look at the fabrics. It really makes me happy. I only got six of them listed - only 150 more to go! Just kidding! It's probably more like 75! I just hope they sell, because otherwise I will treasure them more! I will show people why they are so great! Now if I could just find the time!

Time to go to bed!

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ANIB-SHO said...

You need to come to DC and we can go to IKEA and find you some amazing storage and organizing solutions (or you could just hire one of those companies to do it for you) and then tada! you don't have to sell anything- plus, who are you kidding anyway, you know what you are going to buy with the money you make off those vintage sheets? More vintage sheets. Puh-lease, we all know it is true- don't deny it.

Anywho- toodles! PS: I am in work mode right now (besides the lapse of blogstalking right now), so I'll call you tomorrow.

PS: DID YOU GET THE NEW IKEA CATALOG? I'm lovin' it... and making my list...