Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mini Makeover

I have been searching for a new cabinet above the toilet in my half bath for YEARS. See this outdated rack: (I would have taken a before picture on the wall but hubby was too quick hanging the replacement)

It has been here about 19 years. Time for a change. The problem is this is a tiny half bath. I didn't want anything too deep. Anything I looked at was at least 7 - 9" in depth. Not gonna work for this tiny bathroom!

Two weeks ago I was wandering around Michael's while Jessie was practicing for "Godspell Jr.", when I came upon this:

I had seen this before, but never saw it out of the box. There happened to be a box that was opened and I peered inside. When I saw how shallow it was, I was overjoyed! I grabbed my handy dandy tape measure from my purse.

3 3/4" deep.
PERFECT! Bead board backing to match the ceiling!
WAIT! I have a coupon for 50% off one item. (search my messy purse frantically)
DARN! It isn't good for a week!

So on Friday (the day before my coupon expired) I drug my sick body out of the car and went in and purchased my new bathroom cabinet for $40.00. Today my husband hung it.

I covered the holes where the dowels to hold ribbon were supposed to be with some white wood cutouts I had purchased at Big Lots years ago. I need to have Hubby cut a board to raise the top where the crown molding is, so I can set things on there and them not be recessed!

Just a little makeover, but it makes me happy! What doesn't make me happy is realizing I need to paint the ceiling and all the molding again. I used oil based paint and that yellows over time! Next time I will use latex paint. I also am ready to tear down the wallpaper and paint this bathroom! (Don't count on that happening anytime soon!)

Hubby and Jessie liked the old one, to which I said "I liked the old one too - 20 years ago!"

Be back soon!

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