Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Sewing & Crafting

I didn't do any crafting over the weekend, but my grand kids did while their Mom and I were busy sewing.

Andrew (10) made a car and garage out of a box of wood parts I have.

Katie (12) made some ribbon hair bows and some peg dolls.

I think Jessie (13) was sleeping or texting the whole time, because I have nothing to show for her craftiness.

Rebecca, my stepdaughter, had seen an apron she wanted. She just didn't want to spend $50.00 on it. So we set about making a pattern for it on Sunday. We used a thrifted sheet and some fabric out of my stash to test our pattern on. Here she is modeling our test apron.

We are going to adjust the pattern a little and hopefully make another one this next weekend. The bodice needs to be shortened, the waist needs to be shorter in width, and the length of the skirt needs to be cut down.

Look at this little ruffle on the bottom, with the ribbon! It is so cute!

I did some other sewing too. I let out the waist of my son-in-laws suit pants. They are on the way to Virginia.

I have had these for so long I should be embarrassed. And I am. My reasoning for not getting this done sooner -

1. I hate to screw up something that is part of a set.
2. He is in law school and doesn't need a suit - yet.
3. He may gain more weight.
4. Mending things seem to be more work than creating something new, or at least more fun!

Well, I finally got them done! Hopefully they will fit!

I also made another purse, just like the one I made my Mom for Mother's day. Someone in her Weight Watcher's class wanted one.

That's all my projects for this past weekend.

Be back soon!


Brenda said...

The apron is gorgeous and the step daugther too.

ANIB-SHO said...

WELL WELL WELL- Someone has been busy this weekend. I finally ask you to send the pants up so we can go get them let out and then you decide to do it? ha ha. I hope they fit! I know he is going to get sick of wearing the same three suits every week- so this will at least give him a little more choices (and he is loosing weight, thank you very much).

I LOVE LOVE the apron! Super Cute! But I agree that the skirt could be shortened. But it is very flattering and the trim is just annoyingly cute.

Love and Stuff-