Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mini Porch Rehab

I found this bakers rack at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago. It was nice and heavy and well made an only $25.00. I new this would be perfect for my back porch. Prior to this I had two picnic benches stacked on top of each other and above that was an old chicken coop/cage from my husbands childhood. We even had two faux roosters in it. We had to take the chicken coop down to fit the bakers rack.

The bakers rack had a wine rack underneath the wood shelf. I wanted to take that out and make another shelf. My husband again beat me to the punch and had the wine rack out before I could snap a picture. He set to work on making a shelf from some scrap wood. (Don't you just love when husbands are so quick on these annoying jobs we women come up with?)

Then those little green brackets below the wood shelf where really annoying. They prevented me from getting things in and out. So hubby took it out for me. The brackets sat next to the bakers rack for about a day, me trying to decide if I liked the new look.

My husband decided to place the bracket over the top decorative scrolly (?) thing. Do you know why? He thought it would be easier to keep up with the parts. I think it looks pretty good. Look at that new wood shelf. The picnic basket is something I had that I thought I could hide all the ugly bottles that I want on hand, but it wasn't tall enough. I will have to think of another idea to hide all those ugly bottles.

I haven't accessorized the rack yet. I just put the things that I had on the picnic benches.

You see that rooster above the bakers rack. That was my husbands idea also. He asked if I had a rooster to hang above the rack. I had one in the garage that used to hang in my kitchen. When I held it up for him to see what it would look like. We both said no! It blended right in with the siding. The body was a pale yellow color.

So you know what I did with it? I painted it!

I painted the body white and husband thought I needed to define the legs with the gold color and then he insisted I put a googly eye on the rooster. Looks pretty good hanging above the bakers rack.

This is a picture of what is right next to the bakers rack. This is one of my better idea's. We usually turn on the porch light at night (it has a bug light bulb in it.) Even with that light bulb, bugs were flying around it. I was tired of bugs flying in the house when we went in and out.

So I put a pole lamp I had further away from the door (with a bug light bulb in it). No bugs flying in the house! I am happy! Why did it take me so long to come up with this idea?


Brenda said...

Looks like you have a smart husband. So do I. I love the bakers rack and the rooster.

ANIB-SHO said...

I like the improvement! But you should have done a before and after piece- because the two benches on top of each other just weren't doing it for the back porch and the baker's rack is such a vast improvement. But I will admit, when you said baker's rack, that wasn't exactly what I imagined. I LOVE YOU! You need to blog again!

PS: You wrote "new" where you meant "knew".